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The Development Team

Developing innovative solutions to common problems has brought you Bike Hoist brand as one of the exciting new solution brands of the Easy Hoist Company.

The team comprises talented individuals each dedicated to take on and solve challenges even though impossible timelines get imposed. Each innovative member of our team specialise in different subjects and interest fields which support the vision and challenges posed to this youthful and dynamic group.

Product Description of Bike Hoist

Currently available in two variants Bike Hoist Genesys and Bike Hoist Compact, these innovative new hoists make the hoisting and storing of your bicycle possible by simply hand cranking it up through a light one-way gearbox.

An accessory part will soon be available to attach to your cordless drill to do the hoisting action in even less time and with one hand.

Another accessory on the way is a multi-bicycle hanger so that you can hoist more than one bike with your Bike Hoist

All Bike Hoist products are equipped with 3 meter hook-up ropes and non-scratching webbing to tie up effortlessly. Simply park your bicycle, hook up and hoist it into safety or display.

In the near future, Bike Hoist Electra will be available with electric hoisting via remote control operation.

The is easily installed by one person against a wall with four screws in under 15 minutes.

Please send us a note if you any special requests.


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